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12:55 (CET)

Our Presentation at the Conference

Bloomberg Vault: Operational efficiency in unprecedented times

Over the past months, demand for operational efficiency has significantly increased as companies have been trying to deal with heightened uncertainty and intensified compliance and regulatory oversight.

Record-keeping and communications monitoring have become key areas of management focus.

Join Anna Gorlova, Bloomberg EMEA Relationship Manager for Post Trade and Compliance to learn more about Compliance Needs and Future state as well as how Bloomberg Vault has been addressing the industry challenges.

Ms. Anna Gorlova

EMEA Sales Specialist

Anna Gorlova is an EMEA Sales Specialist at Bloomberg L.P. Her expertise focus is Record-keeping, Compliance and Post Trade monitoring. Based in London, Anna overseas clients across the UK and Ireland as well as Emerging Markets. Anna works with Central Banks, Buy-Side and Sell-Side firms and corporate entities. With her experience in Electronic trading she helped clients through MIFID II transitioning and navigation of regulatory change.


Bloomberg Vault is an integrated compliance and surveillance solution designed to help global financial service customers meet their regulatory obligations and business standards. Vault enables firms to capture, control, archive, reconstruct, and analyze their e-communication, trade, social channels, and voice across the entire trading life-cycle on a real time or historic basis.

What Vault can do for you:

  • Production surveillance – Real-time monitoring of Bloomberg IB and MSG data
  • Real-time controls – Preventative controls including info barriers
  • Daily files – Daily extract of MSG, IB, Note and other enriched data sets
  • Compliance offering for archival, discovery, surveillance, reconstruction

As the compliance function becomes more intertwined with workflows across your firm, solutions that turn your compliance processes into value drivers can transform your business. Creating in-house technology solutions is costly in time and resources.
We gather everything firms need to stay ahead: supervision and surveillance tools, cutting-edge investigative functionality, advanced reporting, and immutable storage for record keeping requirements. All backed by best in class service.

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